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Products I love

Sassafrass Designs is more than custom tee shirts.

I am one of those people that if I fall in love with a product. I have to share it! 

(I think my friends might secretly count on me for it.)

Here are some great products that I have purchased and would love to share with you.

We love to go camping! These inflatable loungers have been newly added to our camping fun.

They are easy to set up and provide comfortable seating options. Great for reading a book, just hanging out or sneaking in a good nap. 

They come in a 2 pack. We purchased the green and blue option. 

My Christmas present last year were these awesome bar stools. I wanted ones that are study and swivel. There are so many out there that are over priced! These were priced just right and we absolutely love them.

I would be in a true world of pain without these ACV gummies. They help my acid reflux stay at bay. As an added bonus, they help curb your appetite too! There are so many helpful benefits to take ACV every day. These are my go-to.

I have never found a dry shampoo that I like so much! I actually use it some days just to add some volume to my hair. I purchased the blonde hair version. They have it for darker hair colors also. Give it a try. You will love it.

You know how when you get older you find yourself getting a little too excited about household products? That has happened to me with this dish drainer! IT'S THE BEST!!! It is made of plastic so you can clean it any time you want. It folds away for when you don't need it and it has this awesome little spout that drains the water. It's a blast to watch while you clean dishes. I LOVE this addition to my kitchen and I really think you will too!

These slippers are going to be my go-to gift this year. I think I hit the mark with these #tiktoktrending slippers. WOOHOO!!! Want to be cool like me (LOL) and order a pair?

Seriously, the greatest gift ever. You didn't even know you needed the battery Daddy as badly as you did until it's in your life. Organization at it's finest!

Great gift for all!!

I think I love "As seen on tv" products. This little portable fan might look a little crazy but it works for those hot days of watching your kids on the fields or tackling those outdoor projects in the heat.

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